Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ode to Moose

Today is our Baby Moosey's 4th Birthday!

Greg and I got Moose when we were dating when he was just 6 weeks old. He was such a little Chunk! I liked to call him a little tootsie roll because well, he was a little bit "rounder" than most puppies.

I'll never forget going to pick him out and trying to find the one with the biggest paws. He was so sleepy and just wanted us to leave him alone.

We've had so much fun with him over the years and can say that even though we threatened to give him away on several occasions due to instances of: dumping over the very full kitchen trashcan and strewing the trash all over the house, chewing up nice pairs of shoes, using the bathroom in the house, etc. I can greatfully say that this sweet boy has brought us many laughs and brightens our days.

First Day that we got him.

After a swim in the Hot Tub.

I miss how small he was!

Our first tender moment.

Dog's got swag.

The Dog wears our shower curtain almost daily. 

Passed OUT.

Going for a good roll in the grass.

Hunting Puppy!

Ready for the ducks!

Always with a stuffed animal in tow.

Passed out upside down with creepy half-open eyes and alligator teeth.

Mother Mary Moose.

Riding out a tornado in the closet. Always trying to protect me.

Last but not least, smokin' a Stogie like a big dog. 


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