Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games

Yep, I did it. After seeing the preview for this upcoming movie, I jumped on the bandwagon and read the first book of the trilogy. Being a youth fiction book, it was an extremely easy read, and I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN! I managed to leisurely pace myself and finish the book in roughly two weeks, whereas after much convincing, Greg picked up the book and finished it in under 24 hours. It's that good!

I'm not even sure how to really recap the book without A) giving it all away and B) making any sense of what's going on. So, watch the movie trailer and then decide for yourself. But for real... its going to be awesome.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Season of Lent: Understanding the True Meaning

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Today marks Ash Wednesday, the marked beginning of Lent. Our current culture has decided that it is a period of 46 Days for a bunch of people to attempt to kick an unhealthy habit or try and go without something. Lent seems to be perfectly timed to re-try those New Year's Resolutions that didn't quite get resolved. While yes, it was intended as a time to "go without" certain things, it was more of a time for fasting, which is VASTLY different from just giving something up for a while.

Greg and I are not New Year's Resolution people. They never seem to work and I always seemed to try and come up with something to change because I was "supposed to".  I've given Lent a shot in the past, and have been semi-successful, mainly with my attempt to give up cokes. Yet, again, I was simply "giving up"
things and was totally missing the whole reasoning behind WHY I was giving these things up.

An excerpt from The Village's website gives an adequate description of Lent and why, we as Christians should take part:

The Season of Lent
Lent is about the gospel. It is a time to narrow the focus of the Church to the work of Christ, in particular His life and death, a season to turn from sin and trust in His atoning work.
It is easy to get lost in the cultural caricature of Easter and miss the meaning. Lent is a reminder that the resurrection only occurred after the crucifixion. Rather than skipping over the ministry and crucifixion of Christ, Lent is a season to prepare ourselves for the joy of Resurrection Sunday as we symbolically enter the sorrow and pain which preceded it.

This year, Greg and I have decided to do a little re-fining together and hone-in on the true meaning behind lent. We've committed to go through the Season of Lent study that The Village Church is doing corporately as a body. It's not the kind of study where you read and then show up on Sunday's and hear a sermon that reiterates what you've been studying. The study is designed to do individually, with a spouse or family, or even with a home group. It's a study that will guide us on reading, praying, meditating, and even fasting. Needless to say, I'm excited.

Since this is an individual study, hear me be the first to say that as a couple, we will need and want to be held accountable. We WANT to see this study through to completion and participate on all fronts. It WILL be difficult. We WILL be challenged and the devil will seek every way to distract us and tell us that we're too busy, too tired, in bad moods, etc. So, hold me accountable. Hold Greg Accountable. Hold us accountable together. Maybe that means that you too go through the Season of Lent guide alongside us. Up for the challenge?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Absence

Okay, I've been guilty again of letting my blogging fall behind. But! There are SEVERAL good reasons as to why! You'll be seeing a real blog on all the updates listed below. In the words of one of my besties, GET EXCITED! Okay, my life really isn't that exciting, but get ready for some new reading material.

1. I was engrossed in The Hunger Games and literally couldn't put it down. Good news, I finished it at a  leisurely pace of two weeks, which can't compete with my avid reader hubby who finished it in less than 24 hours. Yep, it's true.

2. There are several changes taking place in the Foster household! No, don't you worry, no babies are on the way (thank goodness!), but we are both undergoing some changes with our jobs, and therefore our lives!

3. For some reason, I look at my planner and realize that there isn't a lot on the calendar, but I feel like we've been going, going, going without any true rest. But! We will hopefully have a trip to LA booked by the end of the day! Keep your fingers crossed as this will be a much needed time of rest for the Fosters.

4. I've been attempting to finish up some "projects" and crafts in my free time. So far, I've only been slightly successful. Oops.

5. MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED! I'm so excited for him and his now fiance, Lindsey, and literally can't believe it's happening! I'm elated!

6. And alas, a huge inspirational thank you to Courtney who tagged me in a post on her super cute blog and inspired me to get out of my non-blogging funk.


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