Friday, January 20, 2012

A Bedroom Facelift

So one of my next Pinterest inspired projects it to give our bedroom a facelift. When we moved in, we tried to use things that we already had to help decorate out house to make it feel more "homey" until we had the money to decorate the way we wanted. Well, thanks to the invention of Pinterest, it has become so easy to decorate with designer style in an affordable way.

This is how our bed looks currently:

This is a rough sketch of how I want to transform the look over our bed.

The new updated look consists of a Distressed White Shelf, which I hope to find in an antique store or make my own from a simple white shelf from The Home Depot. In addition, I hope to re-purpose the Coffee Filter Wreath that I used as Christmas Decor and add some depth and texture to our wall. We recently purchased a Living Social deal for a 11x20 Print to Metal frame that I want to print one of our wedding photos on and lean against the wall on the right side of the shelf. In addition, I want to try and make my own form of "galvanized" letters, similar to the ones found at Anthropologie, from cardboard letters and some spray paint. As far as the finishing touches.. I would also love to find some old antique glass bottles and put some baby's breath in them as a simple and sweet touch to finish off the look.

It's alot, I know, but here is some of my inspiration for the look.

Shelf above Bed with homemade "zinc" letters. 

Zinc Letter Inspiration

Distressed Shelf above the bed. Mine will have to be a bit skinnier.
Baby's Breath in Old Glass Bottles

Glass Bottle Love.

For the bed, I want to begin to incorporate a mustard yellow color to tie the whole look together: Grey, White, Salmon, and Mustard Yellow. In order to incorporate this color, I want to either purchase or make fun pillows as decor for the bed. These are currently what I'm Feeling...

For purchase:
DIY instructions:


A ruffled pillow to tie in our lamp shades

As the process begins, I hope to keep you updated on the new look!


Courtney Carlton said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with!! Love all of your ideas, especially the pops of bright mustard yellow. Have fun decorating!

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