Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Dallas Restaurants You Should Visit

If there is one thing that Greg and I love to do all the time, it is definitely to eat. We love food. We love discovering new restaurants, trying new things, and just learning to appreciated the complexities of nice dishes and drinks. We currently live in a city that's 4.35 square miles (in the middle of Dallas), and in that tiny little footprint, there are over 170 restaurants. It's insane. So, because of that I just wanted to share some of the favorite places that we either frequent, or have visited and are dying to go back! In no particular order:

1. Uncle Julio's - Fine Mexican Cuisine
  • This has always, always, always been one of my favorite Mexican Food Restaurants. If you are craving some good fajitas, or queso, or even some delicious Sangria Swirls, I would recommend Uncle Julio's in a heartbeat! It is definitely a little bit more expensive that your average On The Border, but you WILL NOT be disappointed. When El Fenix was named "Best of Big D" for their margaritas and food, we were severely confused as our experience at El Fenix was sub-par. Regardless, Greg and I frequently go to Uncle J's and share some fajitas and some queso and it is easily enough to feed the two of us. This makes me hungry just thinking about it!

2. Houlihan's - Restaurant & Bar

  • This restaurant is located less than a mile from our house and Greg and I had driven by several times before we decided it was time to venture out and try it. Again, this restaurant offers an amazing assortment of good eats and drinks. When classifying or comparing this restaurant, I would say its similar to a Chili's in that it has a bunch of different types of dishes, but the quality and presentation is more like an upscale restaurant. YUM! We've only been there once, but I had one of the most delicious Entree Salad's that I've ever had in my entire life. I cannot wait to go back!

3. Nick & Sam's Grill
  • Not to be confused with the original Nick & Sam's Steakhouse, this is another "Upscale Chili's" that is to die for. Greg and I recently went here with our "Best Couple" from our wedding, Will and Neely, to celebrate Will's Graduation, Will's moving to Dallas, and just a celebration of good time with friends. I'm pretty sure that everything we tried, we loved! This can get pricey if you go all out (which we did in lieu of all the celebrations) but would make a great date night venue if you're looking for a upscale experience at less-than-upscale prices. 

4. The Pearl Cup - Coffee & Espresso
  • Oh My Goodness. Greg and I went here one day when we were visiting Milk & Honey Boutique as it was literally two doors down from the shop. It was a cold and rainy day and their signature Pearl Cup Latte was the perfect accessory for the weather. Voted "Best Coffeehouse" in Dallas, I could clearly see why. It was chill, modern, edgy, and quaint. This definitely reminded me of all the cool and trendy coffeehouses in Seattle and I fell in love. Their coffee was delicious! If this coffeehouse was closer to our house, we would be in trouble. We would spend WAY too much time there and consequently WAY too much money. If you haven't ventured to The Pearl Cup yet, its worth the trip. 

5. Bacci's Pizzeria
  • Bacci's is literally a hole in the wall pizza place near our home that I think we discovered on accident one day. My favorite. They have Chicago pizza, pasta, & sandwiches and they couldn't be more delicious! Not to mention, they are super affordable! Greg and I can go and get two massive slices of pizza with the toppings of our choice, two salads with their homemade house dressing, and drinks and make it out of there for around $15! That's almost as cheap as Chick-fil-a (Almost)! We love this place and it's perfect for a meal out when you're on a budget! 
We are always looking for restaurant and good eat suggestions! If you have any to add to this list, let me know! 


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