Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Remember that one post that I wrote ages ago about a bedroom-face lift?

Well we've been making progress. Slowly but surely. I apologize in advance for the poor iPhone pics.

Stage 1:
This awesome antique mantle that I found on Craig's list for only $20 came in pieces (as opposed to well over $100 for being all in one piece!). So, with a little elbow grease, my dad and Greg put it alllllll back together. The next step was to figure out how to hang this bad boy on the wall. That thing was HEAVY. It's solid wood, so Greg had to get creative with how to hang it. Good news, my hubby is a genius and figured out a way to let the studs in the wall hold it up because it probably weighs a good 20-30 pounds. So, once it was up, Stage 1 of the re-do was complete!

Stage 2:
Stage 2 entailed moving the Coffee Filter Wreath in from our living room. Obtaining some antique glass bottles from my mom and a local antique store, and redo-ing some cardboard letters to mimic the expensive brushed metal letters found at Anthro. To make the letters, I just bought 3-d carboard letters (found at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics, and painted them with "Hammered Metal" Spray Paint (also found at Hobby Lobby). They don't look exactly the same as the Anthro letters, but I still think they look pretty darn awesome!

Stage 3:
Stage three entailed finally hanging our Anthro-letter inspired monogram in a re-vamped frame. I used an old frame that my mom had stored in the attic (and she so graciously gave me - FOR FREE!). I spray-painted the frame with a clearance bottle of off-white spray paint that I found at Hobby Lobby for a couple bucks. After the spray-paint had dried, I ran a piece of sand-paper over the frame to "antique" the frame and have the brown peeking-through on all the ridges and designs. It turned out better than I would have hoped and looks like I paid quite a bit of money for it! We hung the letters with 3M strips, which was super easy and obviously meant no more holes in the walls! In addition, I stocked up on white candles at Hobby Lobby this past week as they were all 50% off. Definitely the way to go to save lots of money!

What's Next???

Stage 4:
Adding some baby's breath (or dried baby's breath) to the bottles for some more height and texture elements.

Stage 5:
Using the leftover fabric from the curtains that my mom and I crafted to make some 18x18 Grey & White Chevron Throw pillows. Cannot wait for the patterned element that this will add to our bed.

Yes, I know that I'm mixing designs and styles in our bedroom, but isn't that what Anthro does? Modern with antique like things? I like to think so.. haha! Maybe I'm just fooling myself but I absolutely love the way that things have been turning out. Once all is said and done, be looking for the final before & after pics!!!


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