Monday, June 18, 2012

Movie Must-See: The Intouchables

This weekend, Greg and I ventured out to see a movie on our date night. Since we were already in downtown Dallas, we decided to go to the Angelika to goo see a smaller independent film. After watching some trailers on our iPhones, we both collectively decided that The Intouchables seemed like it was going to be a great movie. And what a good choice we made! I can't remember the last time that we laughed so hard throughout the entire movie (along with the rest of the theatre), but also found ourselves tearing up at other points during the movie. We both agreed that it was worth the late showing that we chose. We even both woke up the next morning and talked AGAIN about how good it was over breakfast. That's sayin' something...

The movie is actually a French production, so the entire thing is in French with English Subtitles. In no way does this take away from the film itself. There is some choice language occasionally used throughout the movie, but bottom line, this storyline of this movie will charm your heart.

The Synopsis:
A rich quadriplegic, living in a mansion in Paris, requires a live-in caretaker. A young offender from the projects turns up for an interview, but he is not looking to get the job. However, to his surprise, he is hired. As the movie unfolds, the two men, from opposite walks of life, develop and form a close friendship that cannot be replaced.
The Trailer:
     Makes me smile every time!

Bottom line, everyone should make it out to see this movie. Not to mention, Omar Sy (the caretaker), ended up winning a Cesar Award (France's version of the Oscars) for Best Actor for 2011. Seriously, it's that good.


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