Friday, March 16, 2012

Beauty Pick: My Top Five Favorite Perfumes

As I was getting ready this morning, I spritzed on some perfume and thought.. "ahhh, I love this smell". Which eventually led to what I'm doing now, sharing my favorite Perfumes. Enjoy! (In no particular order, except #1!)

1. Jivago 24k by Ilano Jivago

  • Not in the most beautiful bottle, but hands down I get more compliments when I wear this. It's wonderful and worth the money. Good for anytime of the year. 

2. Bright Crystal by Versace

  • perfect flowery scent for the summer!
3. The Beat by Burberry
  • a slightly muskier smell for the fall. This one was a gift from my sister-in-law and I love it! Perfect for wear during the day!

4. Alien by Thierry Mugler
  • Wasn't a huge fan of the way this one smells when I first bought it, but it definitely grew on me and I love it! Again, another one I get a ton of compliments on!

5. Laugh by Brighton
  • This is the only one listed that I don't own anymore. I wore this one back in high school and throughout college. I love when anyone else around me wears it because I can smell it immediately! Another plus on this one... in perfume terms, it's relatively cheap!


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