Monday, November 21, 2011

I Give You..... FIJI.

As many of you know, Greg surprised me with this trip to Fiji. Up until the morning after our wedding, I had NO idea where we were going. I only knew that we were headed to a beach. Well, as you can imagine, I couldn't really grasp the fact that we were going halfway around the world to FIJI for our honeymoon. If you ever need anyone to plan a trip for you, call my husband. He's pretty incredible. 

Finally... the long awaited pics.
Greetings from Fiji

The infamous Ghost Crabs captured by the one and only, Greg Foster

Meet our friend. He hung out on our front porch alllll week.

 It's hard to see, but this was an orange and blue stingray that we spooked one day when we were walking down to the beach!

Sipping some wine on the front porch of our bure

These next photos are from our underwater disposable camera. We captured some serious photos with that camera. Don't judge the poor quality.

So we went on a little "reef fishing" adventure. These are the fish that everyone else was catching. 

And this just so happened to be the fish that I caught.

Me, holding my shark and almost pushing our guide into the water. Not pictured: me screaming like a little girl.

My man catching an awesome fish. 

Out doing some kayaking. Katie Craig, you'd be so proud.

Holding up a clam at the local clam farm! These suckers were heavy.

Greg, holding up an even bigger clam. 

 Shot of the clam farm. If only this dinky camera would have had the capacity to capture the vibrant neon colors that were inside the clams. Maybe next time....
There are 10 clams in this picture, just FYI.

 Snorkel Trip!

Hi, Mom. 

Snorkeling in about 50 feet of crystal clear water.  


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