Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Year Older

This past weekend was a birthday weekend at the Foster house. WOO! I officially turned 23. The day was filled with so many sweet moments and I feel absolutely blessed by my husband, my friends, and the ladies that I have the privilege of working with.

The day started with some Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Mmmm, one of my very favorite things in this world. Thank you Jesus for Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  Greg got up early to slave in the kitchen and prepare my breakfast feast. He even used the chocolate chips to craft the number 23 into one of them.  Again, so delicious. 

Later that day, I joined some of the ladies in my office for a birthday luncheon. I was treated to a Chicken Picatta lunch at Cheesecake Factory (another one of my favorites), an awesome Anthropologie gift card (yes I have been caught browsing at work, oops! Haha), and a very massive cookie cake! This is only the beginning of me being spoiled on my birthday. As far as that gift card goes, I conveniently had a 15% off your entire purchase coupon, so I may or may not have done my shopping on my way home from work that day…. :)

When you’d think I’d already had enough spoiling for the day, Greg and Neely had arranged to have a barbecue at our house with all of our Dallas friends! Greg spent the day making some delicious gourmet hamburgers and prepping some corn on the cob to be grilled. Everyone that came over pitched in and brought the chips, buns, and beverages.  Neely even slaved and made me a 4 layer birthday cake!! Each layer was a different color of pink (impossible to tell from the pic that I took), but it was delicious and she even made and topped the cake with my favorite cream cheese icing! Mmm. She definitely has more patience for those kinds of things than I do. Its one of the reasons I love her. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to shop. Due to the fact that Greg and I have been living off of one salary for the past couple of months, my shopping habits had to stop cold turkey. Okay. Maybe it WAS a good thing. Anyways, knowing that I’d been deprived from buying anything (due to my growing self-control), Greg surprised me and gave me a shopping trip to Lululemon! WOO again! I’ve been needing a new pair of workout capris since I threw my old pair in the trash a couple of weeks ago (sad day…). So, he satisfied my desire to go shop and pick out my own things while blessing me with something that I really wanted! He’s the best. 

As you can tell, it was a day of good eats and I was overly spoiled.  Not only that, but when it was all said and done, I felt so loved and blessed to have the friends that I do. We were able to sit around and chat and laugh and be real with each other. My friends (and hubby) are a huge blessing to have in my life, and I know that this season of life that we’re experiencing would be WAY different without them. Love you all.



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